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Lead-Digital is the online "home" of the successful Digital Leadership meetup. Digital is at the core of the change and disruption that we are seeing in the marketplace and many enterprises at the moment.Whilst most groups are focusing on Agile adoption or the multi-variations of doing Scrum, we chose to widen our perspective and look at what is next. What leadership is required to manage the digital transition that businesses need?

Our perspective goes further than method application, we look at Strategy, Operations, Organisation Design and People/Leadership development. Those, we believe, are the essential components of successful digital leadership. Technology features as well but from a purposeful perspective of supporting the strategy or improving the operations.

Our meetup has been enjoyed by many participants over a year and the group has grown from strength to strength. The feedback from our visitors has consistently mentioned that we brought something different. People come to our meetup to anticipate and prepare themselves to what is next in the industry. We are an inclusive group that values participation and involvement. 

Audiences: The meet-up is addressing the management level of organisations looking to understand and develop their capabilities to support the digital evolution. It is also opened to all knowledge workers who want to take initiative and leadership in digital. Practitioners are also welcome to come, learn and contribute.

We are looking to expand the Organising team, and looking for sponsors, so please get in touch if you would like to get involved and/or have suggestions for speakers.



We are looking for additional volunteers, organisers, speakers and sponsors. 

Please get in touch if interested.

Founder - Lead Organiser

Philippe Guenet


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