Lead-Digital's Partners & Sponsors

Benefits of becoming a sponsor

We are looking for a range of partners to support Lead-Digital. 

We are offering partnerships for:

  • Practitioners

  • Small companies/service companies

  • Corporates


The benefits of partnership:

  • Partners logos and links on the Lead-Digital site and newsletter announcements

  • Partner logo attached to all Lead-Digital presentations

  • Publication of partner articles on the Lead-Digital website

  • Details about the partner on the Lead-Digital website and links to the partner site

  • Promotion and links to partner events on the Lead-Digital website

  • Promotion and links or direct online sales of partner services

  • Advertising of open roles for recruiting Digital Specialists


For businesses driving their digital transformation, we can also connect and replay the talks from Lead-Digital connected meetup groups in support of in-house events. 


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About Henko

Henko is a service company offering a new type of approach to Digital change and business agility, which we call Coachulting™. Coachulting™ is the coming together of a coaching stance and an advisory expertise in support of the change. We use workshops, frameworks and techniques that enable to find solutions, develop collaboration, capabilities of the people and autonomy of the teams. 


As per our House of Digital Leadership, we offer the following services:

  • Strategy - using Mapping we build situational awareness over the value chain and facilitate the creation of the digital strategy including innovation, industrialisation, platform and/or outsourcing decisions, then support everything to deploy and execute the strategy and monitor its success in the ecosystem.

  • Operations - we focus on Lean and Agile, with a specific focus on Flow and establishing a culture of continuous improvements. Once such a culture is achieved, true change can happen and bigger change is easier to roll-out too.

  • Organisation - Improving the flow of work often requires challenging the traditional structures of the enterprise and drive organisation change as a continual evolution. Our workshops help to identify bottlenecks, solve them and improve the flow of work continually. 

  • People and Leadership - Digital is knowledge-work and we consider the development of people and leadership as an essential foundation to the Digital success. Focus on the people that deliver the technology. We help establish Systemic Management, decision-making in a complex changing world, and the development of a Product and Engineering cultures.

Partner - Henko is the founding Partner of Lead-Digital and the Digital Leadership meetup and primary sponsor.

Website - www.henko.co.uk  »