DL meetup: Cynefin and Lean-Agile

The second meetup focused on understanding how to connect the Cynefin sense-making framework with a Lean-Agile approach.

Source: Jon Terry from PlanView

For this meetup, the first talk was run as a Lean Coffee, exploring the connections between Lean and Complexity thinking. Richard Atherton, a partner at FirstHuman, introduced us to the Complexity context and after reviewing some examples, we explored the balance between innovation - exploring the adjacent opportunities of the present - and industrialisation, which is mainly here to enable the faster cycle time, effective architecture, data, etc. There was a brilliant question about Dolphins gaming a Complex system!!

This was followed with an excellent talk from Jon Terry, Strategist at PlanView and previously co-CEO at LeanKit (acquired by PlanView). We have often faced the challenge and critics of Lean as a deterministic model adapted to production chain manufacturing - mainly as a perception of the heritage from Six Sigma. Jon offered one of the best talks I have witnessed, crystallising the use of Lean into IT and composing with the inherent variability of knowledge work. This talk positioned Lean in the people/behaviours/attitudes and mostly non-deterministic models. It is representative of the more recent evolutions of Lean, such as Lean IT/Lean Startup/Lean Enterprise/Lean UX. It is also consistent with the spirit of TPS (Toyota Production System), which is mostly rooted in people and culture, rather than processes.

Please see a download of the decks and videos (from SkillsMatter) at:

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