DL meetup: What is the Lean-Agile approach?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

The first Digital Leadership meet-up (under a different name then) in 2017 started with looking into the Lean-Agile approach to change.

Imagine, everyone able to work consistently at their best
Source: Agendashift - True North, from Mike Burrows

The meetup included a presentation from Mike Burrows, founder of Agendashift, on Managing Change in the 21st Century. Mike uses a Lean-Agile approach, informed from various methods, techniques and frameworks adapted to the knowledge work of IT. The Agendashift framework, combining surveys, approach, conversations, Clean language, etc., proposes a new leadership of change in the 21st century.

Karl Scotland, the founder of Availagility, also spoke about Leading, Lasting, Learning, becoming a Lean Enterprise with Strategy Deployment. The talk focused on creating a learning culture and how strategic deployment helps to join up the culture of experimentation through the organisation. The learning culture helps anchor and sustain the change.

Philippe Guenet, founder of Henko, gave a brief overview of Lean IT as per the LITA curriculum and what it can offer concerning behaviours and attitude/leadership mindset that is not present in many of the other frameworks for agility.

Please see a download of the decks and videos (from SkillsMatter) at:

  • Mike Burrows: Managing change in the 21st century: what we've learned and where we must do better - Slides » Video »

  • Karl Scotland: Leading Lasting Learning: Becoming a Lean Enterprise with Strategy Deployment - Slides » Video »

  • Philippe Guenet: Overview of Lean IT curriculum - Slides » Video »

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